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Mental health matters. After hitting the pandemic of COVID-19 we all started incorporating the mental health as part of healthy lifestyle. Here I am to add more to the basket of information to upgrade mental health. Let me introduce myself, I am Jinal Patel working as Volunteering Intern with A Friend of Mind non-profit organization. Mental health awareness and suicide prevention is the topic of concern for me especially after the pandemic. I will be telling you the reason but before that I am graduate in Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India and currently, I am at end of getting my master’s degree in public health: epidemiology. 

Ignorance is the word I could relate for mental health. Earlier mental health used to be the last thing on the list of healthy living. The awareness changed the scenario all around the world. People knowing the importance of mental health and the effect that would make on other aspects of life. Of all these the dominant factor that changed is the perspective towards the mental health; earlier and even today some people feel ashamed of taking help to improve mental health: they believe it would be awful and disrespectful if anyone else would know about impaired mental health. The time and the concepts of knowledge of mental health is changing over period. People also know the signs and indications such as Self-doubt, Short temper, Irritability, Loneliness, Loss of interest, Anxiety, eating disorder, Depression, Addictive behavior sums up to having mental health problem. They also know the intervention to prevent and treat the mental health. The only thing we need to do is providing multiple ways and approach to acquire the intervention. We should make mental health prevention a course of action in routine as any other healthy lifestyle routine.

This is all the things you already know from movies, motivational speaker, books, someone’s experience. But the optimum use of technology during pandemic have changed the perspective of treating mental breakdown. Digital intervention includes:

- Digital data collection

- Telemedicine

- Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT)

- E-healthcare

- Health care tracking Apps

- Online service upgrade in helpline resources

- Digital counselling

This intervention is best addition to health care sector. Lastly, I would like to add do not ignore your feeling, identify the issue, use the best intervention suitable for you. Thank you for reading. 


Jinal Patel

Social Media Intern


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