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Fighting mental health stigma

Sachi Patel

Hello everyone! This is Sachi Patel, a social media and yoga instructor intern at A Friend of Mind. Today, we will be talking about how we can help fight mental health stigma.

1. Encourage Equality Between Physical and Mental Illness

Encourage the fact that a physical illness is the same as a mental illness. Think of a mental illness as a common cold or heart disese. If you had either of those, you would go see a doctor and receive treatment. If you are physically sick with the COVID-19 virus, for example, you would need to take a few days off to recover. Similarly, if you are not feeling good mentally, it is okay to take time off to recover.

2. Know the Facts

Educate yourself on mental illness. There is science and biochemistry involved in the causes of them, so take the time to learn that. Also, take the time to educate others. Share your story! If a loved one is diagnosed with a mental illness, be willing to talk about it and learn more.

3. Show Support

Show your compassion for those with mental illness. It's simple as being kind. If someone wants to talk about their health or feelings, be a listener and encourage them. A mental illness is only a piece of someone's larger picture, so focus on the positive pieces too.

4. Be Aware of Your Language

Lastly, be aware of your language. Do not use mental health conditions as an adjective or adverb. Remind people that words matter.


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